My name is Katalin Berényi-Kozma and I live in Budapest, the beautiful capital of Hungary.


Since the early 90’s I am addicted to the Transylvanian Hound. My first Kopo, Tiszaparti-Hajtó Ákos alias Blacky was born in 1991, and it was love at the first sight. I fell in love not only with the puppy but with the breed, too. Unfortunately I had to wait almost 20 years to have a Kopo again.


Now I have my own life my own family and as members of my family there are our dogs: Tappancs and Anka.


Salgó-Vadász Artur alias Tappancs was born in 2010. I made a lot of effort to train him and try him as a real hunting dog. He is very successful in the dog shows, the working completions and also in real wild boar hunting.


Vadász-Nimród Anka was born in 2013. As a puppy she behaved as a real princess. Now she is a queen as she became dog show champion. I also tried her in real wild boar hunting.


The Rákosparti-Hajtó Kennel was established in 2015. The name of the kennel on one side refers to the brook Rákos, which flows near our home. On the other hand I wanted somehow reserve the memory of Blacky by re-using his name.


The first litter was born in 17th of November 2015. 9 beautiful puppies were born, 4 girls and 5 boys. All healthy and charming. More details about their father and the offspring you can find in the gallery.




The motto of my kennel is:


“There are the dogs and there is the Kopo”


Kopo is not that kind of dog which suits to anyone. This breed needs a lot of persistence, enthusiasm, dedication and a little bit of addiction. With a lot of love and sturdiness this dog will become your favourite breed. I always say: they are half man.